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RGMMC organised events

When the game is no longer a game

20 Years of experience in Karting

  • Our Team Over35 people per event
  • We organized in excess of 80 international races
  • Over 8.500 pilots participated
  • Organised events in over 22 countries

2004 saw the birth of the first ever Rotax Euro Challenge with 58 drivers in attendance at the Pomposa circuit in Italy.  In 2013 it will be celebrating its 10th year now attracting in excess of 200 drivers no longer just from Europe but every continent in the world.  This event has been a true success story, not only for Rotax, but for karting.

The organisation and promotion behind this event from day one has been RGMMC under the direction of Roland Geidel.  “The object of the Euro Challenge was to give the Rotax driver the same opportunity as their then counter parts ICA and JICA now KF to drive on international circuits under the CIK/FIA International rules”.

To date the Euro Challenge has taken place on some of the best circuits in Europe in 14 different countries, alternating at least one or two new circuits to the series every year.

The success and attraction to this event is an affordable, fair, professional and friendly environment in an international arena.  Be it a team or dad and his van all are treated exactly the same.  All drivers are afforded an onsite organisational team who are multi lingual and available at all times on the circuit to assist should they have any problems.

As the series has grown so has RGMMC.  “At the beginning it was just 3 of us with the help of the distributors and circuit staff.  Now we have a team of 28 people attending each race from various countries in Europe all of whom are highly respected individuals within their own ASN’s.  In addition we carry every piece of equipment needed from scrutineering, timing, circuit cameras, unilogger equipment, transponders, audio/sound systems etc. “